Financial Neutral

Abie has the skills necessary to act as a Financial Neutral including:

  • Having undertaken Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training Accreditation. Abie has completed the Training and is an accredited member of IACP[1], AACP[2] and CP NSW.[3]

  • Financial skills related to personal net worth and budgeting.

  • Expertise with the tax laws as it relates to divorce.

  • Ability to present analyses related to child support and spousal support.

  • Listening and communication skills.

  • Educational skills around financial literacy and forecasting.

  • Ability to work with a team and engage team building skills with a couple in Dispute.
  • Ability to remain neutral and detached from the outcome of the negotiation.
  • Assisting the parties understand their financial situation, helping the clients and their lawyers to analyse financial information and increasing the clients’ understanding and effective use of financial information.


[1] IACP is International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

[2] AACP is Australian Association of Collaboration Professionals

[3] CP NSW is Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc