Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a dignified, respectful, empowering, non-litigious process during which divorcing parties (couple) can find a safe place to meet, agree and implement plans about their individual futures.

Three consistent aspects of every divorce are the emotional, the financial and the legal.

The Collaborative Team comprising, a Lawyer for each, Coach(es) and a Financial Neutral work side-by-side with the couple to assist them decide and negotiate mutually advantageous closure of their marriage.  

Governed by a non-adversarial binding Participation Agreement, they and the Team work together toward an outcome which takes into account their and their children’s best interests. 

If you’re after a process that can lead to a settlement outcome where, over time, both sides can be proud of themselves and each other, consider Collaborative Practice.

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As a Locum accountant in professional practice, we continue to “temporarily fulfil the duty of another”. In the Collaborative context, we would act as the Financial Neutral.

The Neutral Financial Specialist[1] is an impartial financial professional who assists the Collaborative family law process by helping the parties to gather, organize, list, understand and analyze financial data relevant to their case. The Financial Neutral is independent and our responsibility in this role terminates once the settlement has been reached or the Collaborative process has been terminated. The Financial Professional is not permitted to work with either client post-settlement.

[1] Introductory & Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals pages 22-26