How Accountants Can Avoid Burnout During Tax Time

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13:54 PM

Tax season can be a very stressful time for many accountants and bookkeepers. There is so much to do, and everything has to be finalised and submitted before the deadline. Excess work and overtime can often result in burnout – a state of exhaustion. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? Here are some essential tips to consider:

Regular Exercise

One of the unavoidable aspects of an accountant's job, especially during the tax period, is having to sit for long periods, which can eventually cause burnout. To avoid this, it is crucial to get sufficient exercise, such as walking, running, cardio, or sports. This way, your body will remain fit and active, and you will feel more productive while working.

Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important for not only accountants but everyone in general. However, the quality of sleep that you get is just as important as the hours of sleep you get. Make sure that you sleep uninterrupted and comfortably for at least 7 hours a day for optimum health.

Minimise Distractions

Constant interruptions are one of the primary causes of burnout and stress. Unnecessary phone texts, calls, or emails should be avoided while working on taxes. Set an approach that ensures that you answer priority texts and calls only on time. This way, you will save time and energy and will be able to accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

Hire Help

Working on taxes can often be too overwhelming for a single accountant, which is why there is no harm in hiring an extra pair of hands for help. Some accountants might feel like that adds to extra stress, but it can actually help to prevent burnout if you know exactly what needs to be done and have a good hiring process.

Take Breaks

Keep an eye out for the signs of burnout before it is too late. Remember, you are allowed to take short breaks in the middle of work to unwind and refresh yourself. You can also take a day off to relax your mind and continue the next day. Working too much and keeping your mind in a continuously tense state will do you no good.  

Set Expectations

If you want to avoid burnout, you need to set clear expectations with your manager. Let your supervisor or manager know how much you can handle in a day to avoid overflowing work.  Try to work at a pace you are comfortable with in order to avoid mistakes and extra work.

Professional accountants sometimes need a break from work just like anybody else. Accountancy Locums ensures that the needs of your clients and staff are being met while you are on a break. For more details, please contact us.